Saturday, December 8, 2007


The painting will be 12 x 24 so the paper was perfectly in proportion to create some compositional studies. Since this will be in a kitchen, we decided on traditional imagery. No strange faces on the wall in the kitchen! The final painting will be much more muted as my collage papers seem to be less intense but I was really having fun going wild with color for the sketches. There will be a lot of visiual texture.

I used some watercolor I bought years ago. I don't even remember where I found it. It is Peerless Transparent Watercolor. The color is on a sheet of paper. You wet a brush and lift off some color. The challenge is the hue is on the back of the card and the concentrated color on the front is deceptive because it looks different that how is on painting. I was just guessing what color I was lifting off the cards. I had the cards on a ring and fanned out making it difficult to turn the card over to see the true color. It was hit and miss but lots of fun and full of surprises! This is a good format for paint to travel with. I am going to figure out a way to show the color on the front side.

Today was the last day of the Beginning Watercolor Class. Tomorrow I will post the photos I took today. What a talented bunch of students I have!

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Nava said...

Though these are still-life sketches, they have so much personality, they could have been portraits. Looks like you're having a lot of fun with this one.

Just don't give us a challenge to do a commission.... ;-)

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