Saturday, December 1, 2007


I decided to do a close up portrait of the Duke rather than the three figures of the other grid paintings. I thought it would be too busy if I did the figures over the collage papers. I experimented with the Hydrus liquid watercolor on the collage papers. Surprise! The acrylic in the papers didn't resist the watercolor. I am very happy with this result. I hate how acrylics dry on the palette so fast. These Hydrus watercolor paints are very versatile! Now I will spray the painting with acrylic varnish and then brush on acrylic medium. By spraying first, the watercolor won't lift at all.

The drawing challenge for the week is to do a cross contour drawing of a crumpled piece of paper or any other object that interests you. Cross contour means that you travel inward and make a topographical map of the object. If you followed the stripe in a plaid pattern on a crumpled piece of cloth you would have the cross contour line. Create a number of lines going horizontal and some going vertical and some meandering around in random directions. I will do one tomorrow and post it for those of you confused by my directions. I am also going to continue working on my ink drawing. I wonder how many hours it will take to finish it?


Nava said...

"I am very happy with this result."

No kidding! this is breathtaking, Myrna!

I see you have the same problem I had yesterday with the images I uploaded on my blog - they just wouldn't open. I guess Blogger has some problems.

Cecelia said...

This is just gorgeous!

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