Sunday, December 16, 2007


Finally, some color combinations that produce beautiful mixes!!!! The first painting has Thalo Blue, New Gamboge and Yellow Ochre. I'm pretty sure Kathy Mitchell had a similar combination with 2 yellows and Thalo. I think this is a beautiful combination. I am sticking with 5 x 7 bozzettos for this December project because I can do them quickly and find many new combinations of colors. I am also sticking with Tyvek for the paper. I am going to be working with this image for a while, as well, because it is the image I have chosen for the workshop I am developing. This is a young man I saw in France this summer with dreadlocks, mustache and full beard. Very handsome and looks a little like a religious figure with a bad hair day.

The second painting has my favorite mix of colors so far: Indian Red (this color is so rich in the Hydrus line) Veridian (a color I am learning to love after pulling it three times so far!) and Hansa Deep (which is yellow orange in hue) The Indian and Veridian create a gorgeous dark brown and mixing the Hansa and Indian into the Veridian creates a wide range of natural greens. I would do a full size painting with this combination.

The colors look a little washed out to me on the blog but if you click on the image and view in another screen, the color is as true as I was able to get to the actual painting. It is never perfect, but I get close.

I drew the image on both paintings with the Elegant Writer pen. That counts as my black. I was really pleased how fast I am able to draw and paint these images because I can do at least one every day, no matter what. I was working on my commission at the same time. When one needed to dry, I worked on the other. This is a very good way for watercolorists to work. If you have something else to work on, there is less temptation to touch the painting before it is dry.


Nava said...

Those are quite glorious!! And you are very right about having more than one painting to work on at a time.

RHCarpenter said...

Maybe I'm doing the 3-color drawing differently than others: once I use 3 colors, those 3 colors don't go back in the pile to be used again but are out - if I keep going, I will only have a few colors to draw from. I agree about working on 2 or more things at once to keep those brushes off the painting that needs to "rest."

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi again, Myrna,
You'd tagged me last week and I did tag five others. Wanted to poat my 'little known' facts and say thanks for the tag. It was fun.

Myrna Wacknovrecently '''tagged''' me to play an internet tag game. I must tell 5 obscure things about myself, then tag five other people. #1. Besides giraffes, I love otters, too - because they are so playful, spending their time either playing, eating, or sleeping...a good life. #2. My husband and I went to the same kindergarten, but didn't meet until Mr. Fox's high school geometry class when we were 15. In June '08, we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. #3. Once upon a time, I was in a unique group that called themselves the 'OTTERS.' #4. My dad always called me 'Bugs.' I miss him. #5. I cannot remember ever believing in Santa Claus. The chimney thing never made sense to me. When I was about 5, the Santa whose lap I sat on at Mal's Sporting Goods Store had the same watch and glasses and shoes as my dad had. Seemed a little 'fishy' to me.

As per Myrna's instructions, I'm tagging some of the people who have responded to this blog. They are
Cecelia in Texas at
Michelle Himes in New Jersey at
Suzanne McDermott in Nashville, TN at
Art Lover in Vancover BC, Canada at
Diane Kasparek from Washington State at

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