Friday, December 14, 2007


Here are some very interesting color combinations people have been working with. Not room to list the color combinations in the slide show, but you can ask me in the comment box about a specific painting and I will post in a return comment what the color combination is. Cecelia did the cross contour drawing challenge with great results. I saw some wonderful December challenge works on Thursday at a critique group. As soon as I get them in e-mail form, I will include them in the next slide show. As the holiday draws near, our resolve to paint or draw every day gets to be a greater challenge. I hope you are able to continue trying new color combinations.

I received the final approval on the sunflower painting, so on to the next one. Perhaps I can finish it this weekend.

I had an inspiration for a new workshop this morning! I am excited about the possibilities. I spent a few hours working on it this afternoon. I need to get ideas written down before they float away into the mist, never to be thunk again. Once I get it worked out, I will look at my schedule and find a time and place to try it out. Until then, the topic for the workshop will remain under wraps.

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