Thursday, December 6, 2007

DECEMBER PAINTING CHALLENGE #5: Permanent Red, Cobalt blue and Burnt Sienna

Well, finally a set of colors I liked! The permanent red was to the scarlet side so the purples were muted. Mixing all three colors together yielded some interesting darks. The Burnt Sienna mixed with the cobalt yielded a greenish hue so I was able to create a wider range of colors and intermediaries this time. The drawing was also improved over yesterday's version. Overall, I like this one. I would make a larger painting using this color combo. I will file it away for future reference. In fact all this little paintings could go in a sketch book as color mixture reference material.

Tomorrow I will be sitting at the Gallery Concord all day so I will have lots of time to work on my commissions. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.

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