Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The double sunflower was selected from the sketches, so I have started on the final painting. First I covered the canvas with a beautiful yellow. Toning the canvas gives a mother color to the painting, creating color harmony. I then used my sketch to glue down collage papers in the approximate place and color as my sketch. I covered the edge of the canvas with a green collage paper to create a visual frame and let the whole thing dry.

The first stage was done yesterday. Today I started adding acrylic color and form to the painting. It will be finished tomorrow. I will photograph it and then post.

I have been receiving more submissions for the December painting challenge. Hilda has even painted one on the foam sheet that electronics come wrapped in! I guess I have inspired some of you to really experiment! You never know what is going to be the next big breakthrough.

One thing I failed to post on my 5 things people don't know about me is that I invented a process of dying silk in the microwave oven. I also set a microwave oven on fire trying to dry wet dyed embroidery floss. Lucky for me it wasn't my microwave!

While checking out some of the blogs that have been "tagged" I came across something called "Elf Yourself". is the website. I created elves with my face, my two sisters faces and my brother. The resulting little show had me in tears I was laughing so hard. I sent it to lots of family members and to myself so I could save it. Now, when I need cheering up, I have the perfect remedy.

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Nava said...

"...and let the whole thing dry"

See, that is one thing I cannot do. leave something alone to dry.

The twin sunflowers sketch is wonderful - can't wait to see the painting!!

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