Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Pablo Villicana-Lara has tagged me! What a surprise. I didn't even know he had a blog! Check out his blog and his website as Pablo is an amazing artist, and a lovely human being. He has been a great supporter, generous with helpful information and encouragement with my work and teaching career. So, the idea is that when you are tagged, you share 5 little known facts about yourself and then tag 5 others and a link to their blogs. This is a fun way to find new places to go for inspiration.


1. I have had many "careers" : Sketch artist at outdoor art shows; Needlepoint canvas designer; art to wear designer; hand painted scarves and jewelry designer; "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" instructor, image consultant, clothing rep, Mary Kay Sr. Sales Director (10 years 4 free red cars, no pink) and Weight Watcher Leader (6 years but a fallen example these days) and, of course, now Painter and Workshop instructor.

2. I am very messy and disorganized much of the time.

3. I ran the "Bay to Breakers" 12 K (7.46 miles) race twice and met my goal (To finish and not to be last! There weren't too many behind me but I wasn't last) For those who are not local to the San Francisco area, this is an annual event where you start at the SF Bay and run across the city up and down hills, through Golden Gate Park to the Pacific Ocean (breakers). It is a bizarre mix of serious runners, amateur runners, people in costume, people with out clothing, people guzzling beer while they are running, people hooked together (the centipedes) running as a group, etc. A true "only in San Francisco" experience.

4. I hated working in a office so much that I made my husband (then a law student) sign an agreement that I wouldn't have to work after I had children. Have to get things in writing for these legal types. (I always equated "work" with office filing, typing, shorthand, etc. ) We celebrated our first anniversary with a beautiful baby boy and the only office I have been in since is my own... which is a mess!

5. I have amazing powers of concentration and can block out unwanted sound and other distractions and stay focused.

Here are the people I have tagged. Their websites are listed in my links. Otherwise cut and paste these url's in your brower and check out their wonderful work. Sarkis doesn't have a blog but his work is fabulous, so be sure and look at his website if you haven't already. Mike's been tagged before by someone else.

Sandy Maudlin at http://www.sandymaudlin.blogspot.com/
Abeer at http://theartist-ambara.blogspot.com/
Nava Attia-Benoit at http://navartpact.blogspot.com/
Nancy Standlee at http://nancystandlee.blogspot.com/
Rhonda Carpenter at http://rhcarpenter.blogspot.com/


Pablo Villicana Lara said...

HA! Love the info! What a busy and full life so far!

And hurray for you for running the bay to breakers! I don't even lift weights in my own home, they're too heavy!

Thanks for the kind words Myrna, Back atcha sistah!


RHCarpenter said...

What an interesting life you've had so far - and so much more to come!! Thanks for turning me on to other amazing artists with your blog - Pablo is now one of my new favorites (how can you not like someone who says one of their interests is "chocolate"??)
And I'm honored to be tagged - now off to figure out 5 interesting things....

Nava said...

I am honored - and thanks for the link to Pablo's blog!

I have picked up the gauntlet, and my task is done. Overdone, actually...

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