Sunday, December 23, 2007


Mia Culpa!! We had 4 artists participating in the slide show this week. In my cold medicine induced stuper, I inadvertantly left out Rhonda and Hilda. I made the correction this morning. If you did not see their paintings in the slide show, take another look. Some great work.

A big apology to both of you. I love when you send me your work, so please keep sharing.

Today I sat at the Gallery Concord so I took the opportunity to do a large painting (19" x 25") on Tyvek. I chose 3 warm colors: Ultramarine Red Violet, Quin. Magenta and Chrome Yellow. They made the most gorgeous mixtures. I drew the image on with a watercolor pencil first, then splashed about with the 3 colors over the sheet and created some textures in the paint. When that dried I had to decide which cool color to add to the mix. Decided on Paynes Gray (looks like Indigo in this set) After I had painted the features and it was almost dry, I took a fine point dip ink pen using the Paynes Gray and drew the final lines. I really enjoyed painting loosely today and am happy with the results. I think I will put a mat around this one.


Nava said...

Yup, gorgeous. Looks like an emergence of a fearful yet kind being. The warm colors create an interesting contrast to the intense expression. Nice composition, too. The positioning of the head is brilliant.

But wait - - - what do you mean "I chose 3 warm colors"? We keep struggling with all them lottery mixtures that always have green, and you get to paint with stunning colors? ;-)

RHCarpenter said...

Nava, do you think Myrna is cheating? ha-ha
This is a wonderful painting full of life and energy and the lights on his face are beautifully done. I like it and would be very happy if I painted this, too :) I hope your cold is easing but if it isn't, painting like this with a cold is an even bigger accomplishment!
(When you are on cold meds you can't remember to do lots of things - no need to apologize at all.)

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