Monday, December 3, 2007


I am still working with Tyvek bozzettos size 5" x 7" until I get a color combination I would like to make a larger painting out of. In the meantime, I am seeing different color mixes. I can't believe my second pick resulted in Viridian, Ultramarine and Sap Green! Here is the painting. I tried salt which looked great when it went on but after it dried and I brushed the salt away, it took most of the paint, also and didn't work well. Then I tried crushed plastic wrap on the wet paint but wasn't happy with that either so I scrubbed it off. This paper allows you to go back and repaint any number of times. The photo looks yellow in the left hand corner on the screen but it actually is more acid green. Sap Green has a lot of yellow in it. It was a busy day but still found time to do a little painting. I will keep these small sheets handy to paint on when time is short. Bozzettos are also good warm up exercises.

I have already received a December painting from Belinda which I will post on Friday. Abeer submitted her grid painting which I will post on Friday and add to the slide show. Don't worry if you missed the deadline. We all still want to see what you are doing!


Nava said...

Those wild color combination are much more fun than the one I got, as they really set you free. I'll have to throw the dice again.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Try changing your subject matter to something that doesn't normally suggest the palette you are working with to get that element you feel is lacking.

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