Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This is the commissioned portrait I completed for a Christmas present. Now that Christmas is over, I can share it with you. This was my second try. The first wasn't a very good likeness. I painted on a half sheet of Tyvek. It makes a very nice size for a portrait. I used two reds, one yellow and two blues. By putting the photo through photoshop elements posterize I was able to create a much more interesting tie and shirt pattern which I painted loosely and had a more traditional handling of the face. It turned out to be a good likeness. I did darken the center line of the mouth after I took this photo and forgot to reshoot the painting. Overall, a satisfactory out come for all.

Today is the beginning of Aaron Brothers 2 for 1 canvas sale. I love the Gallery Wrapped canvas so I rushed over and stocked up for the year. I normally work on paper but I like to put the collage paper on canvas and paint with acrylics on top. I decided to see what would happen with absorbant ground applied to one of the canvases and then painted with watercolor. This is a way to increase the appeal of watercolor as many people don't like the idea of glass or plexi reflections on a framed watercolor. The canvases are quite a bit more expensive than a piece of watercolor paper but if you don't have to mat and frame them, they become a real bargain...especially at half price! I will post the results when I have finished the painting.

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RHCarpenter said...

This painting is wonderful for it's use of colors and light. I love what you do with the tyvek paper and intend to get some after the new year. I have painted on the "watercolor canvas" that's sold by Fredrix but never bought regular canvas and treated it for use with watercolor. Will be waiting to see what you show us next :)

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