Friday, December 7, 2007


I spent the day in Concord at the Gallery. It was nice having 5 hours to paint. I worked on ink and watercolor sketches for one of my commissions. I used some interesting watercolors and really had fun painting loose with lots of wet into wet. I was surprised how nice the paint looked on the sketch paper. It is an Aquabee sketch book. I'm thinking it might be a good one to travel with. I will post the results Sunday because I wanted to show off everyone's work this week with a slide show today! I have listed with each painting that is for the December Challenge the colors used. See any new combinations you would like to try? I have decided to skip the weekly drawing challenge for this month as everyone has so many other pressing matters. For myself, working on the painting challenge along with 2 commissions and all the rest is keeping more than busy!

When I returned I found a message on my answering machine that I had been accepted into the Triton Museum's California Painting Exhibition. It was a competition for all forms of painting. My painting of "Rose" was the one accepted.

Tomorrow is the last day of my workshop. I can't wait to see what everyone has done during the last two weeks. I will make a slide show so everyone can see the results.


Nava said...

Congratulations on the Triton Exhibit! Very cool!!!

Wow- incredible slide show this week. I have just tossed the dice and got a new combination of colors - interesting; almost too interesting...

Cecelia said...

Love these portraits! In order to break these up into the various colored shapes, do you always use the photoshop technique, or do you just let things happen?
Congratulations on the Triton Exhibit. That's good news.
You're right that this is a very busy time. I've got to take time out and do Christmas cards for myself and for my aunt who is in a nursing home. That takes me a long time by itself. One year, I did individual small watercolors to put in each card, and thought about it this year. But, just doing the cards is going to be all I can manage this year. I did do a variation on a cross contour of paper last night, but didn't get it in, yet.

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