Friday, December 28, 2007


Here are the latest contributions to the December Challenge. The month is quickly coming to an end. On New Years Eve, I will post a wonderful slide show of all the entries for the entire month including my own contributions. I have a few more that I haven't posted. If you have some paintings to share, e-mail them to me before Monday night so they will be included in the big slide show. I can always add to a slide show at any time but it would be nice to have them for the last day of December and 2007.

I am also working on the canvas with the absorbant ground on it. It lifts easily but I have to develop a little different strategy for applying the paint. It looks kind of dull but with a final varnish, I can put the sparkle back in it. I am using traditional watercolors but I may add some of the Hydrus line to the mix. Every new product takes some practice and experimenting. I really like the idea of having a nice deep gallery canvas as a watercolor, so it will be worth the trial and error effort to have the best of all worlds.


Nava said...

As funny as this may sound, I feel almost sad that this challenge is over... it's been a real boost of creativity, and pushed me to some serious breakthroughs!!! And, judging by others' work, I am not the only one.

I know I'll come back to the 3-color lottery in the future. Great way to get out the I-dunno-what-to-paint mode.

THANK YOU for that!!!

RHCarpenter said...

We'll have to remember this 3-color challenge when we are in a slump - it did energize us and get us thinking about colors. I never did pull a good blue/red/yellow but what the heck - I was pleased with some of the paintings. I really like these portraits this time - and admire Mary for doing a series of the same subject!

Mary Paquet said...

I loved the fun of working with weird combinations of colors I would never choose. The first made the French Basketmaker from Moliere in the Dordogne look like a mime! I couldn't come up with any other approach, but I'm sure a more seasoned artist would think of something. Then I threw all caution to the wind and worked on Yupo with acrylics and line. As you both note, this is a great approach when we are in slump.

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