Wednesday, January 16, 2008

POSE MANIAC ADDICTION! A new drawing challenge

I did a lot of drawing today. I have posted a few of the drawings from my sketchbook with the recycled paper. Let me tell you about the amazing website I used to do these drawings. Somewhere in my roaming about the internet from website to blogsite, etc. I found in a links column the Pose Maniacs blog. The title intrigued me so off I went to explore. It is in Japanese with a few words in English. I saved it in my computer and didn't do anything with it until today. Now I am hooked. I am going to try and draw from this website a little each day. The best way to get to this blog site is to Google it first by putting in pose maniacs (keep it two words) The blog site comes up first and you can click on the "translate this page" so it will appear in English.

The images are computer drawn with all the muscles showing (no skin, hair, genitals) and floating! You can see the bottom of the feet in many of the poses and other amazing angles. You can also rotate the figures so you can get the same pose from 360 degrees! There is a pose for the day, every day. There is also a cast shadow on many of the poses. You can also do fast poses. I did the 60 second one, but there is also a 10, 15, 30, 90 second option. You choose. They put up 15 different poses which change every 60 seconds (in my case) so it is like having a life drawing session as often as you want. I believe they have a different set of poses each day. Having the muscles showing is a great learning experience which you absorb as you draw. There is probably much more on this website but I haven't taken the time to check everything out. They do have a section where the figure is solid gray but I personally didn't find that worthwhile. There are also U Tube videos of people drawing the 30 second fast draw that are very fun to watch. They also post some suggestions on how to do the fast draw exercises.

This website is designed for artists and designers, cartoonists, etc. and they encourage you to utilize it with total freedom.

So this is going to be my drawing challenge to myself and others. If you do some drawings for this site, send them in an e-mail and I will make a fun slide show. You don't have to do the fast studies, just any drawings based on the material on this web site.


RHCarpenter said...

Myrna, these Posemaniacs are good for quick sketches but there is something unnerving about them having no skin! You might want to try, too.

MidZ said...

I've also tried the 30 sec drawing. It's really hard at first, your brain keep telling you that what you drawing is 'wrong'. But it is indeed a great exercise.

I'll go try like rhcarpenter suggested.

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