Monday, January 7, 2008


It's coming along nicely. I decided to start with the yellow orange to establish the "mother color". I went all around and painted each head. When it dried, I went around again and added a magenta. Next, I decided on a background color. I realized that I could not use a pure blue because it would become some shade of green with the yellow orange added to it. My initial intention was to work on all the heads at the same time so that they would be as identical as I could make them. I soon realized that I couldn't paint wet into wet and do all the heads together, so I decided to complete one head at a time. It will be interesting to see how closely I can duplicate what I have done. I continue to contemplate the border and corners. Fortunately, I have lots of time to paint tomorrow.

Wednesday night I will be giving a demonstration for the "31 Artists by the Bay" art group in San Mateo. They meet at the SM Senior Center across from Breseford Center. I will probably start painting around 7:30 PM. I will be showing the collage and acrylic painting technique. If anyone would like to stop by I'm sure you are welcome. If you need more detailed directions, e-mail me or give me a call.


RHCarpenter said...

Looking good, Myrna. You don't have to paint all the heads the same - you could play with adding each one darker as you go along, or lighter as you go along like she's getting stronger or fading...just a thought :) I'm still stuck on my Radial Girls but I'll take it to class today and see what I can come up with.

Nava said...

I an curuous to see where you're going with this one!

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