Saturday, January 19, 2008


I finished this painting and matted it today. This painting is so untypical of what I paint that it presented itself as a real challenge. I never do masses of flowers and lots of details with foliage and such. I was having fun experimenting with brush work and creating variety in the greens. It is from our summer painting trip in the Bordeaux area of France with Mike Bailey. I fell in love with the beautiful yellow umbrellas at Petite Rousset and took so many photos of the garden and pool area. When I got home I wanted to jump right into painting so I started this one and didn't quite finish it. Now I am working on finishing pieces half started while the paint dries on the Kaleidoscope painting. I can't seem to get more than one head done at a session. It is taking me forever but I just keep plugging away. Four heads down and four to go.

If you receive the posts by e-mail and would like to see this painting enlarged, then go to the actual blog and click on the painting. You can also read and/or post comments on the blog page. I'm pretty sure there is a place that you can click in the e-mail that will take you right there.

I have had a request for the next set of parameters for the January painting challenge. I am not ready for them but for those of you who want to do the next painting using my sets, here is painting #4: CRUCIFORM composition....a large shape touching somewhere on all four sides of the painting; SHAPE is the dominant element; BLUE VIOLET is the Mother Color. This one shouldn't be too much of a stuggle. Looking forward to seeing your results. I hope to be caught up by next week and start on this one, myself.

I have been finding some very interesting sites lately. One is an art coach who has a weekly newsletter (free) and a blog site as well. I have subscribed to it. You never know when a good tip will come your way. Go to On that blog site she had a link to Thoughts from the Universe. This is very new age along the lines of the book "The Secret". In fact, I think this guy is in that book. You can sign up for a positive message to arrive in your e-mail box every day. Not sure about that one, but a positive message to start your day can't hurt.

I found another website that is for writers to help with their creativity. Great place to get titles for paintings, or art shows, etc. I am going to use it for February's challenge so the actual site won't be revealed until then.


Nava said...

That positive message site can go along with the commissioned angel painting thingy...

This painting really is so very different than your usual work! Still - it does have your calligraphy work, and it's so wonderfully full of sunshine!There must be something in the air this week: you going for garden flowers, me doing a nonobjective painting...

I may be seeing tomorrow at the drawing marathon.

RHCarpenter said...

I love this painting and I don't usually love greens. But it is so light and airy and lovely and warm looking. Well done!! And it sure doesn't look like a struggle at all.

Tracy Wandling said...

Oh what a wonderful painting to view on this cold, cold snowy day!!! I love those umbrellas...they warm me down to my toes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Mary said...

Myrna, lovely painting, and you captured the wonderful sunshine, warmth, and beauty of Petit Rousset. Right now I would like to be back there sitting under the umbrella.


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