Monday, January 21, 2008


Well, every experiment doesn't work out. Just ask Thomas Edison. Fortunately , the second attempt seems to be on the right track. I was very unhappy with my collage of Tyvek onto watercolor paper. It didn't stick well and bubbled in places. Perhaps it would work on a different sub strait and with a stronger acrylic medium but I decided to cut my losses. Still working with Triangular design, texture as dominant element and Quin Gold as the mother color, I started again.

I wet the paper and put down a loose wash of Quin Gold all over the paper. That takes care of the Mother Color! Next, I drew with a sanguine Pitt pen and sketched the head. I did a lot of restating lines to correct the drawing. I figure I can use opaque paint in areas I need to cover. After the wash dried, I glued down torn white tissue paper with diluted YES glue and let that dry. Lastly, I started painting. I decided to try YES Glue because it would accept watercolor over it easily as opposed to acrylic medium. I had never painted over the glue before so I wanted to see how it would look. I thought the tissue paper would be a good texture for old, wrinkled skin. The glue is creating a texture of its own with the paint and there is a softness to the whole thing that is appealing to me. I had to stop and make dinner, so I will finish this one tomorrow. I was concerned that the tissue would disintegrate with multiple washes but the glue seems to have created a workable surface. I did get carried away in the beginning and some of the tissue started to ball up. I slowed down and was more careful after that. I tried painting while the tissue was still wet with the glue, and that turns out to be a bad idea. Patience is not one of my strong suits but watercolor demands it at times. I think painting in watercolor creates a discipline for the rest of our lives, as well. I worked back and forth today on the Kaleidoscope painting and this one. It's good to have two going at once.


Nava said...

I could have sworn this is done on Tyvek!!

It's looking wonderful. The texture is really neat - I love how the texture on her hair and face echoes what's going on in the negative shape. The quin gold works great as an underpainted mother color - the whole painting is glowing!

She even seems less crabby than before!!

Tracy Wandling said...

WOW. This is just so great. The texture is the colors you've used. Another inspiring piece!

Michelle Himes said...

It's funny that you should have trouble with your collage - I did too. This one came out great - and I see the tweaked version up above. Wonderful texture - it looks so much a part of the old woman's face and hair. Super!!!!

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