Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I photographed the painting and while I was looking at it I found a few areas I wasn't happy with. I thought I would post both so you can see what subtle changes do to a painting. The first thing I noticed....I had stepped away from the painting. I had painted it flat on the table, which gives a distorted perspective. It makes a big difference viewing the painting from a distance....as I was saying, what I noticed was a shadow on her upper lip that seemed too dark, her chin didn't seem quite right and the blue jacket stopped too abruptly and too soon. I was trying to leave the back of the head and garment vague to create a stronger sense of triangular shapes. I had a little tinted gesso left from painting #1, so I was able to go lighter with opaque or semi opaque and improved the final painting.

I really like this surface a lot. It was fun to paint on. I was very surprised that the tissue didn't disintegrate. Next time, I would like to try adding additional texture with Japanese lacy patterns. I am out of texture as a design element for this series, so I will put it on hold for awhile.

I am going to send in some entries for the next "Strokes of Genius" book by Northlight. I was reviewing my images last night and saw quite a few by many of you that are worth entering. Especially the "wire sculpture" drawings. You can download the entry form from the website: http://www.artistsmagazine.com/Strokes2-entry-form.pdf It is only $7 for one entry. I was reading a comment by H. C. Dodd, an award winning watercolorist who started painting seriously at age 67, 16 years ago. (At least I didn't wait that long!) She said "Competitions help you keep score and measure your growth. If you don't try, you've already voted yourself a rejection." The deadline is March 31st. You can submit digital images burned onto a CD as well as slides. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!


Tracy Wandling said...

Amazing what a few little changes can do! She's beautiful. The texture is just perfect for her...and your colors are always so unique. A beauty!!!!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks so much for showing the nuances that 'make' the difference. Wonderful, expressive painting.

Joan said...

Myrna, I have been peeking in once in a while to see what you're doing with this challenge. This came out incredible!! The tissue paper really worked well for her face. You did such a super job, and your writing about your process was so informative. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Nava said...

I hope you to see this one face to face - it's glorious! Why did you think the tissue paper would disintegrate? you did glue it down, right?

"If you don't try, you've already voted yourself a rejection." "
How very true! I feel duly reprimanded.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Regarding the tissue paper disintegrating: I wasn't sure if the "Yes" glue would soften when rewetted. Acrylic seals the paper but wasn't sure how the glue worked. It turns out it is similar to Elmer's. Once it is dry you can put washes on top and not disturb the glue.

RHCarpenter said...

Beautiful finish and great experimentation on this one that worked well for the older face! I finally have a second challege painting to share - will send it to you for next time (not great but, hey, I did it!)

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