Monday, January 28, 2008


I actually worked on the Kaleidoscope painting today. I can't believe it isn't finished yet. I do think it will be an interesting painting when done. I tried to work on all three heads that are left at once. I got part way into it and then went on to finish just one.

I had worked on the #4 painting the other day but haven't posted my progress on it. So, this is where I am at this point. As you can see, I don't have that etheral, mystical feeling anymore. I crave contrast and drama, so that is the direction I always move toward. I like what is happening here. It is interesting to me that the graphite isn't very obvious now. I think I will try this idea again and do a very detailed graphite drawing and then paint over it. I am thinking of floating a gesso wash over the top part of the painting before it is through. I will wait and see how it looks after I put in the final darks and make the adjustments for final light touches.

I found a new magic eraser at the grocery store today. That is the cleaning product with Mr. Clean on the box that is a wonderful tool for watercolorists. This new one is extra tough. I am curious whether it will lift more than the other one. I was told that someone called Proctor and Gamble to ask if there was bleach in the little white block. They said it was chemical free. It is the material itself that does the work. I also picked up a box of Stretch and Seal plastic wrap. I'm going to experiment with it as a resist. It makes a different texture when pressed into wet paint than the standard plastic wrap. Better painting through chemistry!

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Mary said...

Myrna, the painting is really coming along. You are getting the mystery! I keep Stretch Tite in the house, so I will have to give it a try. I'm looking forward to seeing the kaleidescope (sp?) painting.

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