Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I was determined to finish something today! I worked on Kaleidoscope but can't seem to get very far at one time. The way I am painting it, there is so much down time waiting for it to dry. I have to be consistent so the heads look enough alike. I also have it on a very large piece of plexiglass as it was the only support around big enough to hold the painting. It makes it awkward painting because it needs to stay flat. I am leaning over pretty far. Well, I getting there but it is taking way longer than I like.

In the meantime, I finished number 4. I tried Alex Power's technique of splashing diluted gesso on part of the painting and then spraying parts for texture. I think it came out okay but I don't really have this technique down very well. I panic and then spray the hell out of it. I think I need to try it on a non-objective piece or something that I am going to cover up. That way I can be free and not worry I am messing it up. I used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the glasses. Great way to lift paint. I think it is less abrasive than most methods used too lift watercolor. I was thinking of creating a stencil for the lifted areas for a crisper edge and then decided to take the fast and easy route. Anyway, I like that her hair looks soft and wispy and thin. The only criteria I met on this painting was Blue Violet Mother Color.

I had a really fun idea for painting #5 but the month has run out. I will keep it in mind for another time. I will post the rest of the sets of requirements so those of you who would like to do the entire series will have them. I have February's Painting challenge in mind. I just have to work out the final details.


Nava said...

This one turned very interesting (not as in "Hmm... interesting ", but the real meaning!). Very unique mood, and the implied white wall in the background is brilliant!

The world is holding its breath in anticipation of the kaleidoscope painting. Birds stop migrating, bears keep waking from their hibernation asking about it, koalas climb off the trees in search of it - but hey, no pressure ;-)

Mary said...

Nava, your clever imagery has captured our mood -- can't wait to see that painting.

This painting is so unique Myrna. Great job!

I've been struggling with the checkerboard pattern thing, but I have a couple ideas -- been mulling it over ever since you gave us the challenge. One is definitely going to be painted on large paper. I've been looking at Chagall's "I and the Village" -- love the goat with the pearls. The goat could take me to places I've never been in my art -- we'll see.

Tracy Wandling said...

Oh she really is wonderful!!
And you know what they say, "It's the journey, not the destination". You started in one place, and ended up somewhere unexpected. What a grand adventure!!
She's beautiful.

Grape Mike said...

This one is a stunner, Myrna! Great Stuff!

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