Friday, January 18, 2008


Some submissions this week from new contributors. I love the variety. Keep sending in your work to share on the blog.
It has been a busy few days. Yesterday I tried drawing with a single edge razor blade and ink. I got this idea from Nicholas Simmons blog where he was sharing about a mentor of his who has since passed away. This was a technique of his. I don't know how the guy kept the ink on the blade. I tried for an hour to get it to work and then decided to give up on the idea. I guess I will find some use for these blades eventually.

I did the Pose Maniac 30 second fast draw yesterday and today. I decided I needed to master the 60 second ones first. Then I will move down to 30 seconds, and then 15. I am loving the weird perspectives they created. I tried looking for similar sites but didn't have any luck. I am just going to stay with this one. There is going to be another drawing marathon at the Palo Alto Cultural Center on Sunday, so I am warming up for it by doing these drawings. I better find another phone book!

I put the finishing touches on a landscape painting this afternoon. I will post that tomorrow and worked on the Kaleidoscope image for awhile.

Tonight there was a reception at the Triton Museum for the California Painting Competition. There was another opening for the Plein Aire painters in the next gallery. The museum was jammed with people. It was exciting to see so many people out looking at art. The California show had a wide range of images, painting genres and styles. There were some HUGE canvases. The painting that won the Gold Medal was a self portrait as big as a Chuck Close painting and super realistic. It was fantastic. Freckles, sun spots, warts, was all there. My painting seemed lost in the corner low to the ground but it was there and I was honored to be part of the show and have a painting hanging in a museum. It must be a nightmare figuring out how to hang a show like this. Over all, they did a great job.


RHCarpenter said...

I love the new entries! Lots of variety and solid painting skills showing here :)
Sorry you haven't found anything like the Posemaniacs. You could always get one of the Virtual Pose cds and use those and time yourself. I couldn't do much with 30 seconds but 60 seconds might work for me.
Congrats again on your painting being in the museum show!

Nava said...

Great slideshow - sorry for being AWOL. (actually, more like AWL - I had a Leave! I was at the workshop).

I am extremely curious about drawing with ink on razor blade. Must be a very subtle drawing...

We also thought your painting did not get the location it deserves. Sometimes you win, sometimes you are low in the corner. It's an incredible painting!!!

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