Monday, October 1, 2007


These drawings are from Abeer. This is her first effort at contour drawing! WOW! Both heads are the same person. Notice all the wonderful interior shapes that are created with this type of drawing.

This is a self portrait done with the Script Writer pen and then a wet brush along with some stamped words from my sketch book. This ties into my challenge for painting for the month of October. I have been telling myself for a very long time that I wanted to study the styles of my favorite painters by painting a series, each one in the style of my idols. I do not wish to copy one of their paintings. I plan to use my own image. I haven't decided if it will be the same one each time or vary my pose. I am going to take a half sheet of watercolor paper 15" x 21" divided into 5" x 7" sections. These are called Bozzettos. You can check out my website under NEW WORK to get the idea. If you wish to join in the challenge, pick one or more favorite artists you would like to explore their style and techniques. Paint one painting, paint a series of paintings, your choice. Pick subject matter that is meaningful to you. I will share with you my favorite artists as the month progresses. Be sure and send me your results! I will only post those who give me permission but I would love to see everybody's efforts.

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Nava said...

That's a very powerful self portrait! Looks like it's carved in marble. The stamped words give an interesting background effect.

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