Tuesday, October 30, 2007


These are the other Lonesome Dove drawings I did while traveling. Also, a drawing of my friend, Linda. She has one of those faces that look like it will be easy to get a likeness but in reality is very difficult to capture. I will keep at it because I think she is so elegant and has great features.

We landed at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. They have a HUGE bronze statue of the "Duke" with an oversized American Flag behind him. I was able to take some exciting photographs shooting upwards with wonderful distortion of perspective. I am working on designing a painting for the challenge in November. I will post the challenge tomorrow night. I am still considering aspects of the challenge to include. October's challenge was a bust for me but I did learn some things. Hopefully, I will have more success with November.


Nava said...

Those are so truly wonderful. I admire your ability to sculpt the features with simple brush strokes!

I started to have fun with the elegant Writer - while it made me go through all the curses in my trilingual vocabulary when I tried it on my regular (high quality) sketchbook, it really does wonders on smooth paper!

Evolving Expressions said...

Linda looks beautiful, although I never met her but you definetely captured her elegance.
Everybody keeps talking about the elegant writer,how wonderful it is, can somebody tell me what is this magical pen?

RH Carpenter said...

I love these sketches, Myrna! Just a touch of color from the elegant writer (will have to find one of those) makes them shine.

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