Wednesday, October 17, 2007


CONGRATULATIONS TO NAVA! She is the first person to win a free drawing! Thank you for helping grow the blog.

I was inspired by Justin Bua's work. Spent an hour in bed this morning reading his book. He grew up in the roughest of New York City neighborhoods and now he is an art professor in Southern California. How wonderful the transformative power of art! Today, I went back to the drawing board, literally. I made three drawings, the first two small and the third one on a large sheet. My goal was to simplify and exaggerate. I thought it would be easier to do an exaggeration of my own face than someone elses but it was hard to decide what to exaggerate. I think vanity finally got in the way! The second drawing I made myself heavier so I decided to make my face longer and thinner in the last version. I will play around with the characature some more and try some other variations but for now, I think I have enough to start a painting.

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