Thursday, March 12, 2009


David Lobenberg invited me to participate in a paint-off with several other artists using an image of a saffron turbaned man. You can see the final results on David's blog. Just click on the title of today's post and it should take you there. I felt a little stressed trying to get this painting done in the middle of preparations for a trip but it didn't take that long and I had fun. I love seeing how everyone paints differently using the same model or photo. Above is my contribution to this event.

I have been focusing on the idea of dominance since my Solano Beach workshop and this is the first opportunity for me to put my ideas into action. In the past I haven't been quite so cerebral in working out the details of a painting but this time I made a card with my plan written out. I think I will use this format again, as the card organized my thoughts very well and kept me focused on what I had in mind.


DOMINANT ELEMENT: 80% VALUE ( medium values 80%/low values 15%/hi values 5%)
HUES: YELLOW, ORANGE 80%/ BLUE, VIOLET 20% (TONES(neutralized colors) 80%/ TINTS (light colors) 15%/HUES (pure color) 5%)
INTENSITY: 80% LOW (neutralized)/ 20% HIGH(pure color)

Well, I came close most of the time but having the plan helped me to achieve a more dynamic painting. My idea is to have a very strong dominance in every aspect so as to make the contrast "pop". This will take some practice but I am excited about the possibilities.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I will be participating in an exhibition at Mistral Restaurant in Redwood Shores. The reception is while I am in Spain but it should be a fun evening for those who live reasonably close. You can see a few of my paintings in person and have a great meal. This is a fabulous restaurant! Below is the invitation. I hope you can make it or stop by any other time to see the art. I have posted a few of the pieces that I will have on the walls. Art Liaisons represents me along with other Bay Area artists and is owned by Gail Sjoman who has been one of my biggest boosters. I really appreciate all the work she has done to get my work out into the community.

Mistral Restaurant & Bar



Artist Reception

Mistral Restaurant & Bar of Redwood Shores, and ART LIAISONS’ Artists invite art-lovers, designers, restaurant patrons and friends to an Artist Reception, celebrating our collaboration of outstanding Art and Fine Dining. Please join us to meet our local Artists and explore the wide selection of original contemporary and traditional art placed throughout the restaurant, available for purchase.

Featured Artists include:

- Myrna Wacknov, figurative and abstracts
- Joyce Barron Leopardo, watercolor scenes and still-life
- Joe Gurkoff, photo-artist
- Ruth Waters, sculptor of metals and wood
- Werner Glinka, mixed-media artist

Time: Friday, March 20, 2:00 to 6:00 pm

Place: Mistral Restaurant
370 Bridge Parkway, Redwood Shores

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I just learned today that Al Zerries died. I was surprised because I didn't think he was that old. Sadly, it was a tragic accident. There is a memorial tribute to him on the Watercolor artist blogsite with a slide show of his work. Here is the link to his website. That's where I got this image "Velvet". It is my favorite of his. I like what he did with the hair! I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Zerries, but I have admired his beautiful watercolor portraits from the first time I saw them. On his website, there is an oil painting of Al looking over the shoulder of Burton Silverman at the easel. I can see the influence of the master painter in Zerries work.

The art world, and especially the watercolor art world, has lost another talented painter before his time. It brings to mind two thoughts about life. The first is we don't know how long we have, so I had better not waste any of this percious time with procrastination and unsatisfying activities. The other thought is that, as artists, we leave behind a wonderful legacy of our time on earth and a little piece of ourselves. We will be remembered for all that we shared with the world for generations to come.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


A whirlwind trip to Denver over the weekend for the wedding of my cousin found me with time on my hands during the flight. I wanted to try out a new pen that bleeds Ultramarine Blue. It is made by Pilot and is the Precise V5 extra fine. I learned about the pen in San Diego and used it in some of my demo paintings for the workshop. I was lucky to get the first isle seat on the plane...plenty of leg room but no tray! I was juggling everything on my lap and very grateful for the water pens because there was no place to put a cup of water. This little boy was at the final class of Mike Bailey's Watercolor Beyond the Obvious a few years ago. He was sooooooo bored. I have quite a few shots of him in various antsy poses with his hands over his face. It is going to make a great nine-patch painting! If anyone recognizes who this child belongs to, let me know.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I found this wonderful book in a used book store the other day. Creative Ink Drawing by Paul Hogarth. This book is from the '60's published by Watson Guptill. Most older books are frustrating because they are in black and white but a book about pen and ink is perfect. I love this guy's style. He describes his techniques and gives lots of great information plus fun anecdotes. I enjoyed reading this book on the plane. One technique demonstrated in this illustration is using blotting paper and diluted ink wash to get a great textural effect. After all, I do love texture!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I tried different things today. One worked. I did transfer a design using a toner based copy onto that stamp material that is easy to cut and made my first stamp. That was my success. The other ideas I tried were from various sources with descriptions of the process to follow. I had miserable results....kind of like the recipe from a friend where they left out a key ingredient! I read about a bleaching process in a new book. I was so excited about this idea because I have always loved the look of discharged black. It doesn't go white but shades of tan and brown and other colors depending on what the black was made from. I had the entire image in my mind's eye. It was going to be fabulous. I took india ink and covered a sheet of watercolor paper that was 100% cotton rag and let it dry. I brushed full strength bleach on it.....nothing! I did it again....nothing. I used a bleach pen, still nothing. Finally I rinsed the sheet off to get rid of the bleach. I could see that the bleach did something to the paper but it didn't lighten the ink one iota. I was depressed. I guess it would work on black paper but that isn't light fast. I will have to experiment with different black substances and maybe find something that will work. Next, I was looking at Shirley Travena's books and she had these wonderful mono print images with black drawn lines showing through white paint. I have this piece of black paper, so... I brayered white gesso onto a glass plate, put the ink coated paper face down and drew with a ballpoint pen on the back of the paper as described in Shirley's book. Disaster! The paper stuck to the plate at the bottom and tore when I tried to get it off. I guess we will be doing some cropping of this image. The lines didn't have the same character as Shirley's at all. More disappointment. Turns out gesso was a poor choice.

I am going to Denver for a wedding this weekend. I am taking the computer and will try to post.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday, I took the time to watch the new Creative Catalyst Productions DVD by Ann Bagby. I love, love, love, Ann Bagby and the DVD is fantastic. I am now running around in the rain trying to find a few of the items she uses. I am going to try and carve my first hand made stamp. One of the aspects of her work that I get excited about is how she combines realistic aspects (like faces and hands) with abstract, patterned textural elements. She actually had a bag of heads that she does and then tries them out on different body shapes. It reminded me of paper dolls but instead of clothes, she puts different faces on them ! The faces are mask like.

I was looking at a magazine this morning while procrastinating getting out of bed and found this photo of a group of Muslim women with their headscarves on and I realized here were some Ann Bagby style heads, so I spent a few minutes and drew them. Can't wait to make some interesting paper-doll bodies to hang these heads on!

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