Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just read an important message on Alyson Stanfield's art coach blog.  I know many of you artists out there do not have a blog and are using facebook as a platform to share your art.  It turns out that Facebook has changed the settings on your home page so that only those "friends" that comment or indicate "like" are getting your latest posts on Facebook.  The title of this blog is a direct link to the article that discusses this new wrinkle and tells you how to change your settings. Just click on the title and it will take you to the information.   We need to pass the word around about this so that every artist gets the exposure they deserve!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I think this is done.  I was able to increase the saturation of color.  It just took some layering.  I am getting pretty tight with these paintings.  I will probably proceed along these lines for awhile and then get more gestural when I have the literal out of my system.  

So, what was the Eureka! moment?  I often lie in bed and imagine how different ideas will look and then fall asleep.  Often, the in the first waking moments, ideas pop into my head.  The subconscious works on the problems and comes up with solutions.  I have been trying to resolve a composition of multiple heads and hands, what size paper, what shape paper, etc.  I like to just start drawing because of the spontaneity of the line and image but it is hard to control the composition when I work this way.  It came to me that I could draw the images on tissue paper and then move them around until I found the most appealing composition and then collage them onto the paper.  I am very excited about this idea.  I want to use a color other than black, and using a stick with ink will probably be too rough on delicate tissue paper, so I think my Lizard's Lick #4 dipped in acrylic ink will do the trick.  I'm looking forward to trying this idea out this afternoon.  Stay tuned.........

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I started a second painting today, having prepared the surface a few days ago.  This surface is just gesso over an old painting and some torn  tyvek collaged on top.  There is no tissue and no pattern either on the tissue or stamped into wet gesso.  I thought I would photograph this one as I went along.  I started out drawing with my stick dipped into red acrylic ink.  As you can see, even though it is acrylic it is possible to make some adjustments and rub out unwanted lines.  I am using mostly acrylic ink for the paint on this one and I am finding that intense acrylic color fades quite a bit when applied to the tyvek surface.  If you look under the neck of the background figure you can see the difference between the gesso surface and the tyvek as that dark passage was painted at the same time.  This painting needs a little more work and then I am ready to try a new combination of techniques.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

EVELYN'S FRIENDS...first painting !

This is the first painting of the images I am playing with.  I am exploring different surfaces.  This one is gesso, tyvek, collage tissue and some "dirty glaze"  here and there.  I started with liquid watercolor because I could lift out paint easily.   But eventually I switched to acrylic ink because I didn't want anymore lifting.  I think I am on to something.  On to number two!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I spent the day on Tuesday covering over bad paintings with different collage material. I took them with me to the life drawing session Tuesday night.  I waited for the 20 minute poses and this was the result.  I am happy with a few of them.  Some I like the paper better before I put the image on top!   One I may work on a little longer to see if I can salvage it.  I guess I can keep covering over until I wind up with something I like or, as Gerald Brommer says, "the paper is too heavy to pick up!"

Last night I went to a different drawing session with clothed models.  They were not professional models but did a good job and the variety was nice.  You can check out the results on my life drawing blog "Drawn from limb to limb".

Today I tried a few different ideas for collage.  I hope to paint on top of these sheets tomorrow.

Monday, February 14, 2011


These are the drawings I did today in preparation for a new painting.  I may create a series out of this idea.  Now I have to decide how I am going to combine these images into a composition.  How many people? What shape and size will the paper be?  These are just a few of the considerations. The last drawing is the beginning of the search for an interesting solution.  Hopefully, tomorrow's drawings will reveal a few answers.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is the painting I finished today.  I have been collaging over unsatisfactory paintings in preparation for my demonstration at Kanuga this year.  How did this painting evolve?  Well, I started with this:
He definitely needed something to cover him up!
Once the collage was dry, I went to my reference images and selected this one:
This is a photo I took in Israel of a store mannequin with the most outrageous hair!
And then this one:
Lips and earrings to die for!  The schmata on the head, not so much.
Stir it all together and Viola!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I went to an afternoon life drawing session today.  Here is a sketch I did of some of the participants.  Not a great painting but I was happy with my approach starting with the most forward figure and working back from there.

I decided to draw the group because I was so bored with the model.  These afternoon sessions are designed for people who want to do a finished painting.  The same pose is held (with breaks, naturally) for two weeks.  This was the second week, so most of the participants already had their spots.  I wound up with a totally frontal view.  She was standing perfectly straight holding a staff.  Good Grief!  There was no  rhythm or life in this pose.  I will give it one more try next week but I think I am going to have to find another solution.  Perhaps I should just go sketching once a week where there are lots of people.  Anyone want to join me?

I did meet a very friendly gentleman who introduced himself as a follower of my blog!  It's nice to connect with people who are friends you didn't know you had.  Check out Drawn from Limb to Limb for some of the other drawings I made today.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I went to a life drawing session last night.  This was the 3rd week I have been able to attend and this was the first week I found the model inspiring!  That's not to say that the other models didn't do a good job.  It must be excruciating to hold any pose for 20 minutes without moving.  I guess I like curves, on women.  I think this pose has potential for a painting.  I am now thinking of going to a Thursday afternoon session.  This is a long pose for two weeks.  I like short poses but I think I can move around and draw the model from different positions because there are fewer artists in attendance.  I am going to check it out tomorrow. To see the rest of the drawings, check out my other blog, Drawn from Limb to Limb.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I received a phone call today telling me that I won 2nd place with this painting in the 2nd Annual Signature American Watercolor Exhibition "World of Watercolor" at the Fallbrook Art Center. It is always an honor to get into a show, much less win an award.  I am hoping to hear which other paintings received awards.  I have never been to Fallbrook but I understand it is a wonderful facility for workshops and classes plus they have several beautiful galleries.  In addition to this show, they also have on exhibit a collection of watercolors by the previous generation of masters known as the  California Style Regionalists from 1920 to 20000
I didn't make it into the Western Federation show, which was a disappointment.  I didn't make it into the American Watercolor Society show, either, but I pretty much figure that as I send in my entry.   It is never a forgone conclusion that your painting will be in the show,  much less receive any extra recognition.  But you lose 100% of the time you don't try.  I got over being devastated not making it into a show the year Chung Kee Chee didn't make the cut either.  

So, what's the 3rd great thing that happened this week?  I FINISHED PREPARING MY TAXES!  Now I can get busy painting.  Nothing feels better than handing over my tax stuff to my accountant.

Tomorrow night is another life drawing session at the Palo Alto Art Center.  Maybe I'll see you there!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The latest Palette Magazine arrived today and I was very excited and honored to see this image as part of issue on Black and White paintings.  I had submitted it after seeing the call for paintings in the last issue.  I sent a few different images but never heard back if they were accepted or not.  According to the magazine, they were swamped with submissions, so I was lucky to be selected.  This is such a great magazine, I hope all of you subscribe.  You can find it on Cheap Joe's website.  The magazine always talks about design concepts instead of how-to's.  This issue is on working with intensity to create mood.  I just finished teaching two workshops last month and we covered this idea when we dealt with color as an element.  I could have used this issue as excellent examples.  I need to put it with my teaching materials.

Went to a life drawing session tonight.  I was much less tired than last time and sat in a low chair with a back.  It made a huge difference.  No back pain and I enjoyed the evening.  Check out my blog "Drawn from Limb to Limb" for details.

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