Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I often box myself into a difficult corner.  I try to work from my own photographs but I can't resist wanting to use compelling images that professional photographers create with amazing lighting and beautiful clarity of detail with poignancy of subject.  I keep thinking of ways I can fairly work with them.  I decided that I would create a series of drawings of different parts and then create my own Potato Head!  I will have a sketch book full of eyes, one of noses, one of lips and chins, face shapes, hair ideas, hats, hands, etc.  Then I will create totally new faces based on my sketches.  The first image is a combination of 3 different people.  How fun is this!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Imaginary drawing Auyrn Ink App

Auyrn Ink App from photo
I have been playing around with this watercolor app in my iPad called Auyrn Ink.  I like the idea of creating the look of watercolor but, so far. have found it challenging to create something satisfying.  Naturally, the answer is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!   The biggest frustration I am having is getting the color selector to register a bright red.  I can't seem to figure it out.  If someone knows the secret, please let me in on it!  I usually use a photo reference or live model when I draw and paint the head.  I decided to make an image up for a change of pace.  That is the first image.   The second is from a photo.  One of the features on this app is it will only go back one action, so if you change your mind two or more actions down the road, too bad.  I guess this will force me to slow down and evaluate as I move along in building the image.  This is probably a good habit to develop.  

Speaking of habits, I signed up for a free Mental Toughness Coaching 21 day series on the internet.  I keep waiting for the money pitch, but so far (4 days) it really is free.  I get a nice hard hitting lecture every day on disciplining myself to overcome self defeating habits.  It is about diet, but really applies to life and the choices we make and the price we pay for those choices.    Not that any of the information is new, but hearing it everyday will be useful and reinforcing.  Self improvement is a life long challenge.  I don't think we ever get to that perfect place, but always striving to be better in every way I can moves me in the right direction and hopefully make some progress.  

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