Wednesday, January 23, 2013



I had the pleasure of working with a great group last week in my workshop Advanced Portraiture sponsored by the Santa Clara Watercolor Society.  Unfortunately, my back decided to give me lots of problems.  Everyone was most understanding and helpful and forgiving as I was unable to walk around as much as I like to work with everyone.  Things are improving but still not up to full speed.  I have a great slide show of all the fabulous self portraits the group did to show you as soon as I get it put together.  In the meantime, here is my demo for the last day where we worked on incorporating hands into the portrait.  I drew the image with walnut ink onto a a piece of paper I had previously collaged with various papers including some torn Tyvek.  The surface was exciting to work on.  Check back for the slide show tomorrow or the next day!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


DEMO for Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society 1/2013
I had the pleasure of being the guest artist for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society this afternoon and demonstrated painting color for darker skin tones.  I painted on Tyvek with Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus  liquid watercolors.  This was the result accomplished in about 1 1/2 hours in all.  The more I look at it the more I want to make some adjustment.  Sometimes leaving something alone is the best strategy.  I will think on it.  

It was a full room with lots of familiar faces and a very attentive audience. I am a member of this group and received such a warm reception.  The volunteers who run the workshop and details of the demos went out of their way to be helpful.  Lots of fun for me and I hope for everyone else.  Tomorrow starts the 5 day workshop and I hope to post each day.

Here is a link to a workshop I will be doing on the coast of southern Oregon later this summer.  Check it out if you are interested.  This is a gorgeous spot and a wonderful program is planned.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here are the iPad drawings I made while sitting in the chair at the hairdressers.  I could have read all the scandal magazines but thought I would make better use of my time.  These were created in the Sketch Club app and I explored the pen tool.  I usually use the brush tool so these marks are a little different.  Still trying to gauge placement.  I ran out of space on one of them but like the cropped effect.  I will play around with printing some of these on tissue tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013




Here is the result of my latest experiment based on the directions from Cloth, Paper, Scissors.  In order to print on tissue paper, you have to attach it to a sheet of paper that will go through the printer.  In my case, I had to use an 8.5 x 11 size and decided on cover stock because it was heavier.  You spray the printer paper with repositional glue then blot some of it off onto a piece of cardboard by laying it face down and lifting it back up.  Next I took a piece of tissue paper larger than 8.5 x 11 and smoothed it down perfectly onto the cover stock and trimmed away the excess.  I put this through the printer and it worked like a charm.  Since InkJet printer ink is not waterproof, I then sprayed the image with acrylic spray, and let that dry.  Be sure you are in a well ventilated area as the fumes are toxic.  I then separated the tissue from the cover stock which turned out to be more difficult than I thought but the paper didn't tear.  Next I collaged the printed tissue onto an old watercolor I had covered with gesso and stamped into so it had lots of texture.  I found that the slightly sticky back and acrylic sprayed front made the tissue much less pores. The diluted matt medium needed a little coaxing to adhere the tissue to the watercolor paper.  The tissue went down wrinkle free and withstood vigorous brushing with the matt medium.  For a larger work, I would have to print the image in pieces.  That is the only negative I can think of at this time.  I am very excited to be able to use my electronic drawings in a way that is meaningful to me!  I think I will try drawing the next one with different colors, etc.  Lots to play around with.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


KEVIN first iPad sketch of 2013

It has been a very unproductive (art wise) period for a while.  Time to get back to work!  January is starting out with a demonstration for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society on Sunday, January 13th and then a five day workshop Advanced Portraiture.  I need to do a little prep work for that.  I also am in the process of developing a new 3 day workshop.  I will be creating examples to go with the lesson plans which should keep me busy and focused.

I always create a plan for the year, narrowing my options to 5 or so.  This helps in developing creative breakthroughs.  One of the items on my plan for the year is to do a drawing a day with my iPad.  It will help me develop my skills with this new tool and keep me drawing every day.  I discovered this interesting technique from the Cloth, Paper, Scissors Blog where you can print an image from your computer onto tissue paper (one of my favorite collage materials) and then incorporate it into a painting.  This will be a great way to utilize a digital drawing!  I am going to try this today if I manage my time well.  Hopefully, I will have something to show you tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all and a wish for a productive and fulfilling year of self expression!

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