Sunday, September 6, 2015



We were recently privileged to attend a wonderful wedding of two senior citizens who found love later in life.  The bride wanted a traditional wedding as it was her first!  It was a beautiful event, celebrating love at any age, new beginnings and life lived at it's fullest every day we are lucky enough to be on this planet.  

I decided to attempt a portrait of this special day.   This was supposed to be a preliminary sketch for a painting.  I loved the sketch but the painting was a total disaster.  After three attempts, I decided to call it a day.   So, this was framed and presented to the newlyweds.  Normally, it probably isn't a good idea to give a gift of this nature if not requested by the couple.  This can present a problem to the recipients if they don't like it.   We don't socialize with this couple,  so we will never know if it is hanging on their wall or hanging out in their back closet, so no pressure.   I enjoyed creating this portrait and I hope they get joy from reliving this special moment every time they look at it.

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