Friday, December 11, 2015


Jerry with camera
I have been wanting the new iPad Pro since they came out.  Since there was no enthusiasm from my family to present me with this as a gift,  I treated myself.  It turns out that the Apple Pencil (a special stylus designed exclusively for the iPad Pro) was a very scarce item, I decided to track one down because drawing was my main interest in this new pad.  No sense in getting the tablet if I wasn't going to be able to get the stylus at the same time.  The backorder from the website was 4 to 5 weeks! I called the closest Apple Store and was told that they were out but to call the next day at about ll AM to see if any came in that day.  Each store gets a shipment of products every day.  This morning when I called the helpful operator told me the closest store that had one.  I was able to pay for it over the phone, bought the tablet as well, along with a simple cover and picked everything up in less than two hours!  So that is the trick to getting scarce products. 
Getting things up and running was not quite as simple.  I was hoping to transfer everything from my iPad Mini to the new iPad Pro but for some reason that wasn't an option, so I manually downloaded the apps.  This was actually a better idea since I didn't need everything on this device and it saves space. I opted for the for the smaller capacity so I will be more selective in what I store on it.  I was able to easily get the Apple Pencil synced with the tablet and I started checking out the art apps I have.  This is a drawing I did tonight with the app VELLUM .  The stylus is so fabulous.   You can hold it like you would a pencil when  drawing rather than writing.  For greater control you can rest your palm on the screen and it doesn't accidentally make a mark.   The larger surface to work on is fabulous and zooming in to to see or work on details makes things HUGE!  

Does anyone else have a the new iPad Pro?  Any tips or apps ideas to share?  I look forward to hearing from you.

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