Sunday, June 8, 2014


I took a workshop from Derek Gores a while back.  It was lots of fun and I love his work.  The problem for me was to figure out  how to incorporate the ideas from his workshop into my work and not have it look so derivative. I had this imaged started on a nice gallery canvas with the torn magazine collage in black and white.  I had set it aside because I never could decide how to continue.     Yesterday, I was inspired to collage the entire piece with various tissues I had patterned with gesso using my Gelli Plate.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize I had never photographed the image after the initial magazine collage.  So, we have to start with the second step, covered with gesso tissue.  

Today, I took out my liquid watercolors and painted over all the collage papers .  I may play with the shadow pattern a bit but basically, I think it is done.  I think I will do a few more of these with some slight variations.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014



This painting is a combination of old painting partially covered with gesso through a stencil and some collage papers that have been made on the Gelli Plate with tissue, stencils and gesso for paint, then painted with Mahogany, burnt sienna and Ultramarine blue acrylic glazes.  I must have painted out the right eye 8 times before I was satisfied with it.  I may play with the value pattern a little more digitally in the computer and make a few adjustments,  but basically, it feels finished.

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