Sunday, October 7, 2007


These drawings are from Hilda. One is a self-portrait done while holding a hand mirror, the other two are her grandsons. I especially like the one in his warrior mode. Great Expression!! I am excited that everyone is taking the challenge and sharing what you come up with.

This weekend was filled with art, Today I drove with a friend 50 miles to Mike's Open Studio in Santa Cruz. A beautiful day, a beautiful drive and a most art inspiring open studio. Be sure and check out Mike's blog if you haven't yet. From there, Joyce and I drove back to an Art Show in Menlo Park where Joyce received the "Best of Show" award!! To top off the day, my husband and I went to a huge, excellent outdoor art fair in a nearby town. I saw some exciting work and came home ready to paint myself. I started my "Charles Reid" practice piece and it really got away from me. Run it under the sink, let it dry and started again but I'm not happy with the results. I think I am trying to concentrate on too many different things at the same time and it's not working. I think I will do several practice pieces and just focus on one thing i.e. brush handling or color mixing etc.

I will be taking off for Las Vegas tomorrow for 4 days to help out my brother (no casinos or gambling for me). I will take my laptop and my paints and see what I can accomplish when my services are not needed elsewhere. Keep sending me your drawings and paintings.

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Nava said...

That warrior one is really cool, and I love the other two!!! Way to go, Hilda!

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