Thursday, October 18, 2007


Here is your Friday challenge: Take your wire sculpture drawing and see if you can pare it down to one continuous line. Here are some of the drawings I did taking on this challenge. I found this challenge required some interesting thinking and unusual choices. I am thinking what I can do to incorporate some of these images into a painting. I was glad to be working on somebody else's face for a change. I am getting really sick of my own. I have been painting little practice paintings all week and getting nowhere. I am thinking that the clear gesso surface is best when using liquid watercolor. I am really struggling with regular watercolor. Sometimes we learn more from failure than success. That is what I am telling myself today, anyway. It reminds me of the line from the children's books The Berenstein Bears: "This is what you should not do!"

We leave Friday for a wedding in Phoenix and return on Monday, so I will be taking my sketch book and camera with me and look forward to finding lots of your submissions in my e-mail box when I return.

A free drawing for having 5 friends subscribe to the blog is an on-going offer.

Wow, the first slide show! Let me know what you think. Can you see the details well enough? Do you prefer having each one posted separately? You can click on each image to stop it. You can click on "view all images" and see it larger.


Nava said...

The slide show is great, Myrna! and these continuous-line drawings are wonderfully quirky! Seems like a great way to create unique shapes. That's going to be a fun challenge.

Enjoy Phoenix.

RH Carpenter said...

Well, I thought the phone book drawings were silly - I mean, why draw on the phone book (and where did I put that old phone book??) when you can do this on newsprint or something else BUT having seen these, I see the validity in this exercise. It is fun, quirky, and the words behind the ink drawings add an extra something to them that you wouldn't get on plain paper. Very cool - now where DID I put that old phone book???

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Myrna. Congrats on the slide show. They are fun to do and just look hard. All the work presented is wonderful and makes me want to join in the challenges.
When you mention "Clear Gesso" are you referring to acrylic matt medium?

Cecelia said...

Interesting blog! The slide show turned out great! I'm going to have to try to make one for my blog.
The challenges are good. I set these things up for my students, when I was teaching. But, now that I've retired, I'm trying to give myself some assignments. It's not as easy when you don't just have to have lessons prepared every day.
I wondered about the clear gesso, too. Might be something that I have just missed since I'm not buying so many supplies anymore.
By the way, Nancy Standlee sent me to your blog.

Anonymous said...

I was curious about the clear gesso, myself, so I bought some. It is a Liquitex product ( I think. I am away from home so can't check on that) I dries clear and has a surface that feels rough. I think it might be a decent surface for pastel. It is hard on good brushes so don't use an expensive sable. I was hoping it would be a "liftable" surface for watercolor but it hasn't proven to be great for that. I am becoming disenchanted with this surface for regular watercolor.

Nava said...

Myrna, I keep trying to catch you on the phone, to no avail.

So, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We sure missed you at the reception today!!!

Evolving Expressions said...

I love the slide show, I think it is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Congratulationa on your SCVWC very well deserved first place win,


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