Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Lots of discoveries in the last few days. I am really rethinking my challenge for the month - I am struggling with it - and I thought it would be relatively easy to do. I did a practice painting last night trying to get into the style of Shirley Trevena. Lord, it was awful!! I must say, watercolor is the most frustrating medium!! I never get this feeling with other materials. That's because I can just cover over the mess and keep going until it works. On the other hand, when it works, nothing has the same sense of accomplishment. Like the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!" I think I discovered I can't think like anybody but me! You would suspect it wouldn't take this many years to figure that one out. So maybe trying to do something in someone else's style is not a good idea. But I think there is a kernel of something in the idea. I am going to try to pick one idea from an artist and try just incorporating one thing! I am also starting to see what most of my favorite artists have in common. That is probably the thing I should be focusing on first. For me, it is some form of simplification. I am going to go back to my sketchbook and work on simplifying my drawing.

Along those lines, I was in the bookstore today looking for colored ink. I decided that was the first thing I was going to take from Shirley Trevena - drawing the image with colored ink that will bleed when wet. Naturally, I drifted over to the art books. I discovered the most amazing young artist. I just thought his work was so exciting, original and it reminded me of a number of artists I love. I have captured a few images from his website http://www.justinbua.com/newSite for you to see. I see elements of Egon Scheile, Thomas Hart Benton, and David Levine to name a few! I love characatures because they are the essence of the person and then exaggerated. I am going to try and distill and exaggerate, probably in a more subtle way. If you have ever tried to create a characature you know it is much harder than getting an exact likeness. I have posted Justin's book in the reading suggestion list on the side. When you check out his website, look at the cool canvas shoes he has designed, also t-shirts. Quite a marketer. Good for him!

Speaking of great drawings, I have been receiving lots of great work from everybody this week. I am going to put it all in a slideshow to be posted Thursday night. If you want to get in on the fun, send me your efforts by Thursday afternoon.


Nava said...

I checked out this guy's website - he really is good! Lots to learn from him about expressing mood and attitude (the drawing you posted is all about attitude!).

I'm going to SF to see the CWA show now - I'll pay extra attention to the painting by the new esteemed signature member :-)

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

One of the pleasures of going back through your blog is finding posts like this, with links to wonderful artists. This man's drawings and paintings remind me lots of the character work in Mad Magazine. Seems to be that artist (Whose name escapes me) has some comments online about the process of creating this sort of caricature.

Jolene said...

OMG, I love Shirley Trevena's work, but really how does she think that way, process etc.. I have tried several times it drives me nutz.. I like the Justin Bua I have his book, he is fantastic.

Rae Andrews, Contemporary Texas Artist in all media said...

I have followed Justin Bua's work for
a few years now, love it all. What a sense of humor huh?
Love looking at your blog Myrna, always such a journey, the tips, the book listings and all the links.
I HAVE to get into my studio, and your blog keeps me from doing that! ha!


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