Thursday, October 4, 2007


Another great response to the wire sculpture drawing challenge from Rhonda Carpenter! Great textural details. If you want to see more work by Rhonda, check out the link to her on-line journal.

Tomorrow I will be posting the second drawing challenge. I have something very interesting for you to have fun with. Anyone who wants to add their wire drawing to this great collection can send it to me at any time.

I am ready to tackle my next painting in the style of....(drum roll please!) CHARLES REID. I thought I would tell you in advance in case you wouldn't be able to identify his style from my painting. I have four books by Charles Reid plus a DVD instructional on figure painting plus I have taken a workshop with him. You would think I have this down by now, but there is so much for me to learn from this master. After following the instructions in one of his books, I started drawing in the modified contour mode and loved the results so I continue to work in this style most of the time and it keeps evolving, just like handwriting keeps evolving. I did this page of drawings trying to define the shadow and light shapes.
I will be sitting at the Gallery Concord tomorrow, so I will have time to do a practice painting and hopefully at least start the one on the bozzetto sheet. I paint fairly fast, so I am hopeful.

My husband saw my list of artists to study and asked why there weren't the really famous masters from the past. I told him the purpose of my list was to understand and absorb what these artists were doing in the hope I would be able to further develop my own abilities. So, what did I Iearn from Van Gogh? I think the power of repeating a theme over and over. I learned something about optical mixing, too. I also learned I don't want to make little marks over and over; but I think I already knew that.

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