Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is a contribution by Nava who used her self-portrait and created two different versions. I see the possibility of some very exciting paintings from these images. The drawings can stand alone as they are exciting and intriguing. Keep the drawings coming!
I took some pictures at an art show at Fort Mason in SF some time ago of some very exciting wire sculpture art. One of my favorite artists makes very three-dimensional animals - birds, roosters, etc. They are extremely complicated and intricate. Unfortunately, I didn't get to photograph his work and I can't even tell you his name (I don't remember it!). The artist represented below uses wire in a very different way - more like drawing with wire. I think these pieces are brilliant! Notice how a wire sculpture casts shadows which becomes an important element of the piece. Again, I failed to record the artist's name. I must do better next time

I spent yesterday at the Gallery Concord putting up the rest of my paintings. I am so excited to have two of my series well represented at once! It was a long day but I managed to do a few drawings in my sketch book. Today I woke up and did two contour drawings while still in bed so I could make sure to do some art. I spent the day in San Francisco at the Society of Western Artists annual exhibit and reception. I was honored to receive an award. There were many many fine paintings in the show, so I was very fortunate.
Tomorrow is the first day of the month, so stay tuned for a month long painting challenge! It is going to be something that I have been promising myself to do for a long time.


RH Carpenter said...

Well, Myrna, you've got me curious. I've never seen wire "painting" before! And congratulations on your award at the SF show!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Myrna. Responses
to the wireframe paintings are
wonderfully unique.

Nava said...

congratulations on your award!

Your star is really shining this year!! :-)

I'm now curious to see what you have for us as a month-long painting challenge.

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