Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It's been a very long day but I did manage to do some blind contour drawings of chairs at the hair salon while I was waiting for the gray to magically transform into reddish brown. Better living through chemistry! It is great practice for eye-hand coordination. The practice is so beneficial. This type of drawing is not results oriented. The value is in the action. The results were not worth posting so I thought I would post some drawings from my sketch book that I did in preparation for my self portrait paintings. Click on any of the images for a better view. These were done in a "modified contour" drawing technique. I am looking back and forth from the photo to the page as I draw without picking up the pencil. I often draw with the image upside down. This is my favorite way to sketch. A good description of this technique is in any of the books by Charles Reid. It is how he draws. I learned to work this way by following the instructions in one of his books.


Nava said...

OK now... even when you do do contour drawings, they look like frameable art!

It's thrilling to see how it all started.

Ever thought of publishing a book? These contour drawings of yours are teaching so much about the face, more than a lot of books with stiff methodical drawings. You do have a very unique way of teaching, and having taken your class twice, I find myself doing things I never thought could be done to people's faces (at least when it comes to painting).

Just an idea, as I know you have plenty of spare time these days... ;-)

Mike said...

There is something, I don't know what it is, about good sketches that absolutely fascinates me . . . and these are tantalizing!! Nava is right! These are frameable! Y'oughta think about that.

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