Tuesday, September 25, 2007


After a long day it is good to put your feet up! I spent the day hanging my show at the Gallery Concord. It turns out I have an amazing opportunity. Since there is no additional guest artist this quarter, I have soooooo much space to hang even more paintings. I can now show lots of my Vern Series as well as the Nick series. I will have to fill the additional space on Saturday when I will be sitting at the Gallery. Keeping my committment to myself to produce some art work each day, I decided I could draw my feet. It's easier to see them when you are relaxing in a lounger chair! I placed my sketchbook on my lap and took out my pen - An Elegant Writer fine point designed for caligraphy - and did several drawings. Then I wet a brush and let the lines bleed into a beautiful blue and pink shading. My friend and student, Rita H., shared this wonderful drawing tool with my class. It is inexpensive and easily found at craft stores. The pen comes in different colors but black is the only one that seems to have this two-toned effect.
I have been promising myself for "ever" that I will work through the "Experimental Drawing" book by Robert Kaupelis, so today was my first drawing exercise. Want to join in? I am starting on page 21 for assignments. The description for Blind Contour Drawing is on page 17. It is best to draw something from life rather than a photograph to begin with. Basically, you can't look at your drawing while you are drawing but can stop, look, and reposition your pen, then draw some more without looking. The results are wonderfully quirky. Want some inspiration? Do an internet search for Grandma Elizabeth Layton. Her contour drawings are incredible and she didn't start drawing until she was 68 years old!


Evolving Expressions said...

this is very inspiring, I have been drawing lately more as you advised me, and I noticed big improvement in my sketching, first thing I do in the morning is sketch my husband or my daughter, it has been a lot of fun.
I like the contour drawing of your feet, and the soft ink effect.

Myrna Wacknov said...

That's great you are drawing everyday. Try drawing anything and everything. Practice this technique. You will love it.

Nava said...

Nice pedicure :-)

That's a fun drawing, and I also love the effects of the Elegant Writer pen. I am getting more and more curious about this experimental drawing book - no library around here seems to have it. OK then, I'm going to buy it! Thanks for the reference!!

By the way, I am browsing through a book about Kathe Kollwitz. Her drawings are devastatingly incredible, and heartrending.

Anonymous said...

I am thoroughly enjoying watching
your progress and process. You may
have reinvigorated my sketching
desire. – Kathy

Anonymous said...

I love your foot! I mean the drawing you draw using the blind contour, I am practicing it too, and the way you give the colors or shade by washing it with wet brushes, gives it more dimension, and maybe I am going to do the same with my blind contour drawing. Altough I am certainly not as good as you, my results always unrecogizable!

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