Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I don't usually obsess over famous people. In fact, I usually avoid drawing them. There is something about this face that is fascinating plus he has been photographed by so many outstanding creative photographers. The variety and clarity of the images are toooooo tempting for me. It keeps my skills up, too. I usually don't try for an accurate likeness but have been doing so with these drawings. It is amazing how a hair's breath difference changes the likeness. I still haven't really "nailed" it but am getting close. I have not been measuring and comparing the way I teach portraiture, just eye-balling it. I would probably come closer to a perfect likeness if I took the time to measure but I wasn't feeling the need. I think I will now move to simplifying and maybe doing some "wire sculpture" type drawings.

I really wanted to start on another painting today using my "expression" photos. I took these myself, so a better use of my time. My printer is acting up again and I couldn't print them out so I just left my desk in disgust and went to draw Willie in another room. I guess I will draw directly from the computer screen tomorrow and get moving on the new painting. I bought the laptop so I could work directly from the computer but I still prefer to have the print. It's hard to totally embrace the new technology at this stage of life, but I am working hard to stay on top of things.

I found a couple of wonderful tiny little books for a recent Grad and will share some of the inspirational quotes.

The first book is called "Do What you Love"

PURPOSE: "There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them"...Charles D. Gill


RH Carpenter said...

I think in the second one you've really nailed him - great portrait.

Cecelia said...

These are lovely.
Willie does have an interesting look about him. But, if I wanted a portrait to hang up and look at, I think I would want to see someone like a young William Shatner! LOL! (These days, he is looking more like my father, though.) I just have a thing about beards and mustaches, and the scraggly look. I'd rather be able to see the man's face and not think of what might be spilled or hiding in all that hair.
I like your pencil work, though. Good luck with your printer and computer. Before I retired, we were given a lap top to use for our school work, but I had to give it back upon resigning. My grandson has one that I try to use. But, I find that I can't see it as well as I can my regular computer, and never can make that little thing at the bottom work the way I want it to to move the cursor with my fingers. So, I bought a small mouse to use with the laptop.
I sure hated to leave the laptop and my new desk chair when I retired, along with the kiln and big room to do art in!

Nava said...

You really make me wanna go back to drawing! These are truly inspiring - love the way you're using line to get variety.

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