Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is the demo painting I did this morning for the workshop here in Cedar Hill, Texas. The facility here is brand new and beautiful. Everyone has been so welcoming. Genuine Texas Hospitality. Wonderful energy is flowing from the participants and we are having a wonderful time. There is some exciting work being done. I am hoping to post a slide show tomorrow night with everyone's first painting.

I was excited to meet Nancy Standlee in person! What fun to meet someone through this internet and become friends and supporters and then finally be able to spend time in each other's company sharing our passion for art. Nancy was instrumental in making this workshop happen. We all need enthusiastic supporters as we move ahead in our art. I am finding wonderful new friends and boosters all around the country now through the blog world. The internet has allowed us to grow closer together and support each other in our artistic endeavors.


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Nice going. Love, Jerry

RH Carpenter said...

Great! Such a sense of joy and fun in this portrait!!

Sandy Maudlin said...

WHAT ENERGY! I can almost feel the breeze from his head swishing over to the side. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Nava said...

...and I can smell the fresh paint. This guy is a great inspiration for some high energy paintings of yours!! next time we have contractors in the house, I'll be sure to stalk them :-)

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