Thursday, May 22, 2008


This morning I awoke at 6 AM and stayed in bed for an hour drawing this sketch of Willie Nelson. It was so nice and quiet and a great way to start the day before rushing around.

While I was in Texas I bought a magazine with the most amazing photos of Willie Nelson celebrating his 75th birthday. He is a big hero in Texas, beloved by all. He has the most amazing face and I have been collecting images of him. The photographer is so talented and created some very unusual photos. The detail and camera angles are incredible. I like to draw very detailed graphite sketches in an Aquabee sketch book. I cannot see this kind of detail without a photograph. It is just for practice and fun. Working from someone else's photographs means I can't display or sell any of them, but I find great joy in the process of drawing. The magazine has a website with a video interview with Willie. You can stop action the video. I plan to do that and draw from the "still". Website is The photographer is Platon. I went to his website and loved, loved, loved his work. He uses a slightly distorted camera angle much of the time. My new Photoshop Elements 6 has a feature that will distort in this manner. I think I can get some of my photos to have this same effect.

If you want to improve your drawing skills, there are no shortcuts. The old "practice, practice, practice" still applies.


Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Myrna, I love our boy, Willie's portrait. When you get a minute, can you please tell us the menu items in Photoshop Elements when you go to use this distort feature. I want to see if Elements 5 has it. Thanks, ns

Myrna Wacknov said...

In the Photoshop elements 6 program it is located under "Filter" and you will see "Correct Camera Distortion" When you open this up it is Vertical Prespective. Slide the gizmo to the right. It makes an ant's eye view! Very fun.

Nava said...


I'm trying to imagine the result if I tried to sketch at 6am in bed... I have a feeling it wouldn't turn out quite the same.

RH Carpenter said...

6 AM in bed with Willie? Hmmmm.... :) You did a great job on the portrait and I know what you mean about his interesting face but I think I'd have chosen someone else! haha
You're right - to get good at drawing, you have to draw and draw and draw.

Sunny said...

I love your line work. They are so lively.

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