Thursday, May 15, 2008



I am having trouble creating a slide show tonight so I though I would just post each painting separately. Everyone is very enthusiastic and accomplishing more in a shorter time than I had anticipated. I am hoping we will get all three paintings completed this week. Often we get things started but they are finished at home after the workshop.

The weather here in Texas is interesting. I haven't been in a tornado warning for awhile! I always got confused between "tornado watch" and "tornado warning". Turns out "warning" is the one to take cover. It is unnerving to be watching a map on television of the storm pattern and not knowing what county you are in. The front desk assured me the hotel was not in danger so I went to bed and ignored the storm. The whole thing "blew over" after a few hours.


RH Carpenter said...

These are all so wonderful and I picked out Nancy Standlee's work right away :)

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Myrna, I'm really enjoying your workshop -- lots of new techniques to experiment with. Don't worry about not knowing which county your are in when watching tornado warnings -- there are over 250 counties in Texas and when they start talking about a storm moving through Erath heading to Johnson County I still have no idea which direction it's headed -- and I've lived here 20 years. I just get the dog and head for the closet under the stairs when I hear the sirens! Looking forward to tomorrow's class and demo. BT

Cecelia said...

Well, "Howdy", and welcome to Texas, Myrna! I'm about 250 miles or so to the south, in the Bryan/College Station area. I'm so Jealous! LOL! (I also read Nancy Standlee's blog.) I know that y'all are having a wonderful time!
Those storms have been something. There was some damage here last night, power out, but nothing really major. I guess our house is really anchored well, because I only heard some rain and saw some lightning outside. It takes quite a wind for us to feel anything move.
I've escaped a few of those tornados myself.
I can empathize about not knowing what county you are in when they give warnings and watches.
That happened to me when I went to Mary Kay Career Conference in Dallas, and, as I left Dallas, there were tornado warnings for several counties. The skies were ominous-looking, but I could not remember where those counties mentioned were located! I was just glad to get far away from there!
On a trip to Oklahoma, I was comforted that they had storm shelters in motels, where a swimming pool might be! We don't have things like that in this part of Texas. I had to laugh as the weather channel, last week, told people in my home area to get into their basements or storm shelters! We don't have anything like that. Three tornados hit that area aftr the warning. Lots of trees and sheds down, but nothing major, thankfully.
We're in a mobile home, so I never know what to do. I guess we could go to the ditch outside, but then I'm scared there might be a snake in there! Ha ha! My solution is to turn on the weather channel, talk to my grandson, or to paint something when storms threaten!
I'm glad that everything turned out okay for you. The rest of the week and into the weekend should be really nice.
Enjoy your stay in Texas!

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