Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today I reframed 4 paintings but didn't have a chance to do any drawing or painting, so I have dipped into the archives for something to share.

I have too many palettes and most of them have been loaded with paint! In an effort to use up some of the paint and not be wasteful, I started painting sheets of watercolor with random wet into wet washes. I would take these watercolor starts to model sessions and then I would draw the model on the paper with a Japanese brush pen that takes ink cartridges and finish the painting with pastels. It was amazing how these random colors worked so well every time! I love the look of the watercolor peeking through the pastel and part of the ink drawing showing here and there. It's a fun process. Give it a try.


Sandy Maudlin said...

You are not only incredibly talented and creative, but you are extremely resourceful too and have overflowing energy too! I love to visit your blog!

Nick said...

I just saw you on anohter blog (Sandy's) and followed the link. This is great, wonderful palette and handling!

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