Sunday, May 11, 2008


Saturday we worked on self-portraits by doing modified blind contour drawings looking into mirrors. Everyone was inspired by the work of Elizabeth Layton. I had two posters of her work and a special "Coloring Book" version of her work. "Grandma" Layton took up art at the age of 68 and cured herself of lifelong depression through her amazing contour drawing self portraits. She is an inspirational figure that speaks to the power of art on our spirit. You can read all about her and see some of her work by putting "Grandma" Elizabeth Layton into the search. There are many web sites to explore regarding her life and work.

Everyone worked quickly and finished at least one self portrait. I loved them all! I am thinking now how I should have taken the photo of the painting with the person so everyone could see how they really captured the essence of each person.

The slide show also has some completed bozzetto sheets of "expressions" and several full size paintings based on one of the bozzettos.

Right now I am in Cedar Hill, Texas. The art school looks wonderful and I am excited to begin the week long workshop. I will be able to share our progress throughout the week.


RH Carpenter said...

These are all wonderful works of art. Thanks for sharing them with all your blog friends.

Anonymous said...

I'm inspired. These are wonderfully expressive and I'm off to try one myself. Thanks again for the inspiration.

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