Sunday, August 26, 2012


I have been working on this painting the last few days.  I have 3 photos of myself with my two sisters taken over the last 20 years which I love.  I keep them together on my desk.  This is based on the earliest photo because of the composition, but I am adding a few years just because I want it to reflect us more as we are today.  In the photo we have big smiles on faces but I don't like to paint happy smiley faces, so it is a little tricky adjusting the facial muscles.  I also changed the lighting and moved the faces closer together.  While I am working on the painting I am thinking about titles.  So far, I have "The 3 Graces" and "Mom Always Liked You Best".  

I am particularly enjoying painting on the surface I created.  I took a failed Tyvek painting and covered it with gesso, then using a sponge roller, smoothed out the streaks and then stamped into the wet gesso and let it dry.  It took a long time because the paper is not absorbent.   I am using watercolor sticks (not crayons) for the color.  I love being able to draw and scribble, then work it with a wet brush.  The blue drawing was done with a diluted mixture of Dr. Martin's Hydrus liquid watercolor in Cobalt Blue.

Here is a close up of the surface and paint.  If you want to experiment with Tyvek, the post office has envelopes you can practice with.  Here is a company where you can order small quantities if you decide you like this interesting paper.

detail SISTERS


CrimsonLeaves said...

I love what you are doing with this, Myrna. I like your second title for some reason. It tickles me because we have been saying that about my sister for years. LOL Anyway, this is fabulous!

Katherine Thomas said...

This is all so creative and unique! It's really interesting to read about your process and see the results of the texture when you start drawing the faces. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this!

. said...

I like the "the 3 Graces" so fitting and I love how you stay away from smiles all over the faces, it just gives the faces lot more interesting feel to them, natural and makes one think and wonder what the subjects state of mind was hwen the picture/portrait was taken... I cant wait to see the end result of this one, love your work, but this one is great fun.

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