Saturday, August 25, 2012



I thought I would start with my display!  It was an exciting night with so much to see....70 artists times 50 images!  After quickly making the rounds to see everything,  I was feeling dizzy but then realized it was probably the wine!   I sold seven of these images and was surprised at people's favorites.  Mine are still on the wall.  A good lesson not to influence others with your opinion.  The show is up for awhile so if you are in the area, be sure and stop by.  The Sanchez Art Center is open only Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   I photographed some of my favorites before the sold ones were removed.  I didn't get a chance to photograph all of my favorites, but here are a few so you can get some idea of the scope of the show.  It was a wonderful crowd and I want to thank those who were able to come.  I hope you loved the show.
This work is by my good friend Leslie Lambert.  I love her ink drawings which are all done from live model sessions.  They looked fabulous as a grouping.  The addition of areas of color adds to the appeal.

50/50 CUPS
This next series had to do with a single cup.  Each piece individually was okay but I think the aggregate was much more compelling.  This was a real favorite of mine but I would like to see it sold as one.  This is an excellent example of the power of a series.  Often we are looking for something unique or exciting to paint when a simple everyday object is really all we need!

This next series was all about color.  I don't know if you can really appreciate it in this small photo but each panel had a wonderful glow. Again, a very simple construct using color imaginatively.

I totally loved this series.  This was another that I would love to keep as a complete set.  It combined collage and some pencil work with a wonderful whimsical appeal.

This set of panels was beautiful.  Each image was interesting in it's own right, but wonderful together.  I always thought sun prints were blue, so I loved seeing the variety of color.

This work was most intriguing.  Each layer looked like it had been laser cut and collaged over the previous layer.  There were 3 or 4 layers to each piece.  Gorgeous!


Joyfulartist said...

fThe whole show looks like it had a big wow factor everywhere you looked. I love all the examples you picked out, I had no idea how varied the series would be. I wish I lived closer so that I could see it all.

Sue J said...

What a wonderful show! Thanks for sharing:)

Candy said...

Myrna, I love your images. What a great show! Thank you for sharing some of the other artists' work. Gorgeous!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I'm so glad you showed some of the other displays as well, Myrna. This whole show sure packs a punch! Congratulations on your sales! I would think with so very many pieces to choose from, making 7 sales is a phenomenal happening!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks for sharing for those of us who can't get to see this in person - what a great mix of art and artists!

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. What a fabulous show. The variety is amazing and your work is amazing. Glad to hear you've had many sales already!

After the show, I hope you will tell us which were your favorites of your own work and why.

Anonymous said...

Hi Myrna, What an exciting show! I enjoyed the different displays. It's interesting how they all work together as a unit. It must have been fun to see. Congratulations on selling some of your pieces!

Lisa Graham Art said...

I didn't realize there were so many 50/50 displays...I love yours Myrna! Boy do I wish I could see this in person!

Mary Crowell said...

I was so happy to see it in person, because photographing just doesn't capture all the shine, the texture, the comments of others around. yours were amazing as were many others. I have some favs also, loved that queen for a day series too, along with all the trinkets and bling of the ones glued on, buttons, lures, jewelry, frames, etc. and I also loved the photographer who made hers all out of focus at the end of your hall. and what about the book spines, wow the creativity was really something, a wonderful show.

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks like an exciting show, and I liked the concept from the first time you blogged about it.

Wish I were closer and could see it.

Helen H Trachy said...

WOW! I haven't been on your blog for a while. What beautiful discoveries I made. I had such a good time this morning going through everything. Congrats

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