Thursday, January 27, 2011


As luck would have it, my draw paired TEXTURE as a secondary element with LINE as the primary element.  These just happen to be my two favorite elements.  Here are my demos for the day.

The first painting is done on YUPO.  I used watercolor crayons, watercolor sticks and Dr. Martin Hydrus liquid water color straight from the dropper full strength.  Then I spritzed and sprayed with water and alcohol.  I am very pleased with the results.  I will work with this idea again!

The second painting was drawn on top of  an old painting that had been collaged with different hand painted tissue papers.  I used a Daniel Smith watercolor stick, a Stabilo watercolor crayon and acrylic inks.   I will be developing this combination of materials more in the coming months.

The class did some exciting work today.  Everyone is very engaged in the process.  I love when everyone gets into the spirit of experimenting and trying new things.  Sometimes what doesn't turn out is the best lesson.

I finally found a new place to create a slide show.  Thank you, Photobucket!!!!  Here are the paintings from day two dealing with shape and texture.


Anonymous said...

Wow Myrna! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the work from your students! Exciting work!

RH Carpenter said...

What a great group you must have - some jawdropping work in that bunch!

Nancy Goldman said...

I really like the yupo painting Myrna. I've never had much success with that surface but this painting is motivating me to try again.

Kay said...

wonderful art! I love much fun. Great slide show too.

Sharon Guinn said...

Myrna...enjoyed the Portland workshop and my head is spinning with ideas for paintings and re-doing old ones. I forgot to ask you a question yesterday and so here I am..Can a dirty wash be put on top of a watercolor without messing it up. You said you put it down under some of your drawings...just curioous.
Also thanks for the creative journey it was challenging fun and very helpful!! Thanks so much!

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