Saturday, January 15, 2011


This is the last demo I did for the San Diego workshop.  It is acrylic ink on very thin YUPO.  I am still not happy with the background.  It turns out that alcohol removes acrylic ink very easily, so I will wipe out some stenciled letters, I think, to make the background more interesting.  I was experimenting with the surface.  Lots to explore here.   I am very frustrated that the website isn't working properly and I can't get the slide show accomplished.  I can't figure out the Blogger version, either.  Maybe when I get home I will try again.d

I am on my way home for the next few days.  Repacking and leaving for a workshop in Portland the week after next.  I had such a good time with everyone in San Diego.  A wonderful group of artists and an amazing workshop team.  Overall a very impressive group of people.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Portland again.  I love going around the country making new friends!


SOiNTOiT said...

I actually like the does compete a bit with your character, maybe a wash over it??

Anonymous said...

Dear Myrna ---I love the sketch of the figure you just posted. Wonderful gesture and feeling of movement. I look forward to more/.
Cheers, Jean Dana

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi SOiNTOiT, thanks for the comment. I have already messed up the background but learned some interesting things about alcohol and acrylic ink. The background in this particular image got dirty looking. I am going to remove all the background by rubbing it with alcohol and then repaint it.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Jean, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to post a comment. I am looking forward to going to more life drawing sessions. Nothing beats drawing from life.

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