Thursday, June 17, 2010


My self portrait a day project is not without precedent!  There is a woman, Julia Kay, who wound up doing over 1,000 self portraits, one day at a time.  I ran across her project as I wandered through the tangled paths of the internet.  Many of her self portraits were done with her iPhone apps.  This is where I discovered some very fun art applications.  The one pictured here is from the application TypeDrawing.  I imported an ink drawing from my daily self portrait series and then layered the type on top.  I haven't spent much time with this application, but it has great potential for some interesting ideas.  By combining several apps in one image, the variations possible are in the stratosphere!  

3 comments: said...

this is great!

meera said...

I love it!

jane Ferguson said...

Good to see you yesterday and catch up

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