Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I saw this idea of tissue collage on Tyvek.  Normally, I don't alter the surface of Tyvek because it is the surface that I find interesting to work on.  The wallet project, however, might make a good Tyvek collage.  In fact, it creates a more substantial feel to the finished product.  I already  had my drawing in place.  I tore patterned tissue and stuck it down with Elmer's glue (according to the instructions I had)  It works fine!  After it dried, I went over part of my lines with the Sharpie pen I had drawn with.  I put a glaze coat of Orange Interference Acrylic over the whole piece.  I added some Inktense Watercolor Pencil and used a gold metallic pen to fill in around the heads.  It turned out quite snazzy!  I love metallic sheen and shimmer.  The finished wallet has a leather like feel to it with more body.   Want to try one?  Send me a photo to share.


Nancy Goldman said...

You've given these ladies so much personality. I love their poses and all of the texture and color this has. It's so much fun to see all of your experimentation.

meera said...

what fun! These ladies have so much character and texture:)

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