Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Tuesday we drove to Yellowstone National Park. What a remarkable place. We arrived just in time to see "Old Faithful" Geyser erupt. My camera has a burst feature. I thought it had a limit of 5 photos in quick succession but there is a setting for unlimited photos in burst mode and I was able to capture this marvel of nature as it unfolded by just holding the shutter button down indefinitely. WOW!!!! I have made a slide show for everyone. There were at least a thousand people there and we arrived a little late so no front row positions for us. I was able to shoot between people (as you can see). I didn't want to fuss with the images to eliminate these heads. With this burst feature, I am taking so many pictures my computer will explode if I try to download all of them. Will have to wait till I get home, but I can download selected photos. I will continue to post the next few days.

We took a very long walk around all of the thermal geysers and pools, some of which have the most amazing color. You can smell the sulphur. Later in the day we stopped for a picnic at a stream and I did a small plein air landscape. It's not much of a painting, but I will post later. We stopped by the road whenever we saw a backup of cars because this means an animal spotting. We saw bison very close up, a moose and calf half hidden by brush, some female elk (no great antlered creatures) and we are still waiting for a sighting of a bear. We did see an Osprey with a fish in it's talons in flight! That was exciting.


David Lobenberg said...

Did you know that Old Faithful's last eruption was 25 years ago? It's now runs off an aqua thermo compressor unit operated by remote control from a park ranger's office,

Myrna said...

This is one of the many myths about Old Faithful. It is debunked on the Yellowstone website.

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